Hostels and Quarters Network

OCIO provides network services to Student Hostels, Staff Quarters and Visitors' Centre residents. Residents can easily connect their devices in their rooms via the wired network (by connecting to the physical network data ports) or the Hostels wireless network, and use the available network services, e.g. access to the Internet, Intranet and email service.

Note:  Users are not allowed to connect any personal router to the hostel network.


How to Get Connected

To get connected, you need to have your own computer and software. The following is a typical example of equipment and software required:


Using Wired Network

  • What do you need?:
    • Computer / Mobile devices with Ethernet network card
    • Network cable (UTP RJ-45 Ethernet cable)
    • Internet Browser 

  • To connect to the wired network:
    Illustration of the Aruba AP-103H Access Point
    Hostels and Quarters Network login page


    Type of User
    Login with
    Students in Student Hostelspersonal network account and password
    Staff in Staff Quarters & Visitors' Centre
    Guests or Visitors in Staff Quarters & Visitors' CentreAccount name and password of your quarters


    • Once the equipment and software are ready, the computer should be physically connected to a network data port of the Aruba network access device with a network cable. The following picture shows an Aruba network access device.
    • The Aruba network access device is mounted in a way that you will find the data ports at the top side. You may use either data port "E1" or "E2" (see the picture below).
      Illustration of the Aruba AP-103H Access Point network ports location
    • To connect to the Hostels and Quarters wired network, you need to start your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer). You will be redirected to the "Hostels and Quarters Network login page". Then, login with a valid account:
    • Once authenticated successfully, you can access the campus network and the Internet. Please keep the login page open to maintain the connectivity. Closing the login page will terminate the connection, and you have to restart your browser to get connected again.

Using Wireless Network

  • What do you need?:
    • Computer with wireless network card / Mobile devices with wireless capability.

  • To connect to the wireless network:
    • Choose the Service Set Identification (SSID) "Hostel/Hostel5G" (for residents of student hostels) or "Quarters" (for residents of staff quarters & Visitors' Centre) and log in with your personal network username and password. For Guests or Visitors in staff quarters & Visitors' Centre, please use the account name and password of the quarters). For detailed settings on various systems, please visit "Wireless Network Connection for staff and students through WPA/WPA2".



Security Measures


Support Service for Hostels and Quarters Network

OCIO provides support service to ensure that the Hostels and Quarters network is working properly. Whereas the occupants should take full responsibilities with their own computing hardware and software. If you suspect that there are problems with the network access device in your room, or if you have any problem/queries in using the Hostels and Quarters network, please contact IT Help Desk at 2948 6601 during office hours.


  • To improve the security of the network and to protect users from abnormal traffic from virus-infected PCs, users have to log in with a valid account and password before the computer can actually connect to the campus network and the Internet. Moreover, to prevent attacks from Internet intruders, any servers such as WWW server or FTP server setup in the hostels will NOT be accessible outside the hostels. Note also that users of the network should abide to the rules and regulations set for the use of computer facilities and services at EdUHK, detailed at "Computing Policies and Regulations".

  • For applications requiring direct communication between hostel rooms, users need to login VPN connection after logging in to the Hostels and Quarters Network captive portal as shown above.

  • Using Anti-Virus Software

    Users should take good care of their computers to not affect the regular operation of the network. We highly recommend users to install anti-virus software and update their Windows system regularly. Note that we have made available an anti-virus software to our staff and students for home use. Each member can use the software on ONE computer at home during the subscription period. If required, you may download the software from our website. For more details about the anti-virus software or downloading the software, please click here.

  • Measures Against Abnormal Traffic

    To ensure the normal operation of the network, swift measures must be taken to disconnect PCs tampering with the network or monopolising the bandwidth, such as PCs spreading virus or consuming a lot of bandwidth. P2P file-sharing software is not allowed in the network as it will quickly use up a lot of network bandwidth and affect the normal operation of the network.

    If the abnormal traffic is affecting the whole network seriously, we have to disable the network port/access rights until the problem is solved. Residents concerned should fix the problem before OCIO will resume the network services for the network port/access rights.