TimeMilestones achieved in recent years
May 2024Upgraded GPT-4 to GPT-4o; launched DALL·E 3
May 2024Released GPT-4 for students
Sep 2023Concluded RICH revamp and deployed phase IV
Sep 2023Released ChatGPT for students and GPT-4 for staff in pilot run
Jun 2023Released ChatGPT for staff in pilot run
Jun 2023Released MATLAB for staff and students
Nov 2022eBS and OLBS upgraded
Nov 2022Personal Data Compliance Manual released
Oct 2022Deployed phase III of the RICH revamp
Sep 2022Revamped ELAT released
Aug 2022Revamped University Portal released
Apr 2022Launched phase I of the EdU Card Photo Upload System (for staff)
Apr 2022Introduced Banner Workflow and Banner Document Management System on e-SIS
Feb 2022Launched the softphone service of the UC&C System
Feb 2022Deployed phase II of the RICH revamp
Jan 2022Transition of the EdUHK Video Portal from Ensemble to Panopto Commenced
Nov 2021Launched COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Record (COVID-19 VTR) System for all campus users
Nov 2021Launched New Email-to-Fax System
Nov 2021Launched new interface of iLeave
Sep 2021Completed phase I of UC&C system
Aug 2021Launched COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Record System for KTSSC users
May 2021Wi-Fi printing available for students at C-LP-21
Apr 2021Deployed phase I of the RICH revamp
Mar 2021All central teaching venues equipped with webcams and dual monitors to support blended learning
Feb 2021Revamped iHostel rolled out
Jan 2021Rolled out Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on Duo
Jan 2021Rolled out Student Profile webpage in e-SIS
Nov 2020Padlet teacher accounts available for staff
Oct 2020Implementation of the new Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) System kick-started
Oct 2020Revamped EdUHK website launched
Oct 2020Rolled out Email Security Gateway (Phase I)
Sep 2020Anti-virus software licence available for users’ second personal computer
Aug 2020Sound Booth introduced in pilot run
Aug 2020Introduced multiple cameras for Zoom at selected classrooms
Jul 2020Launched MyEdUHK mobile app
Jul 2020Launched EdU Card Photo Upload System (for students)
Jun 2020Upgraded link between Tai Po campus and TKOSC with improved network speed of 10G
Jun 2020Introduced Virtual Private Network (VPN) gateway for users in mainland China
Mar 2020Introduced external email tag on staff emails
Mar 2020Chatbot launched on OCIO webpage in pilot run
Feb 2020Upgraded e-SIS and rolled out e-SIS Admin version 9
Dec 2019Rolled out DegreeWorks version 5
Nov 2019Rolled out online meeting tool – Zoom for EdUHK users
Nov 2019Online survey tool – Qualtrics available for EdUHK users
Nov 2019Rolled out Easy Form Service (EFS)
Aug 2019Introduced Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) to facilitate interactive learning
Jul 2019Throwable wireless microphone – Catchbox available
Jul 2019Launched the EdUHK Video Portal for staff
Feb 2019Rolled out MFA on Office 365 for staff
Feb 2019Wireless microphones and presenters available at all central teaching venues on Tai Po campus
Jan 2019Upgraded the local network link to 10Gbps on Tai Po campus
Dec 2018Rolled out Google Takeout service
Nov 2018Revamped Photo and Video Studio open for booking
Sep 2018Rolled out Ensemble Video Lecture Capture System
Aug 2018Rolled out iBooking system version 2
Aug 20185GHz Wi-Fi connection available on campus
Mar 2018Google account on student domain created for staff
Jan 2018Rolled out AirWatch Content Locker
Dec 2017Rolled out new Document Management System (DMS) – OpenKM