Video Conferencing Service

Video conferencing (VC) is a communications technology that integrates video and voice to connect remote users with each other as if they were in the same room. Participants see and hear each other in real time, allowing natural conversations not possible with voice-only communications technology.

At EdUHK, OCIO provides video conferencing service to the staff members for collaborative work such as joint seminar, lecture, presentation, meeting and etc.

Video Conferencing Facility

Currently, the video conferencing facility is available at room C-LP-18 in the Learning Commons, the seating capacity being 14.

Photo of the room C-LP-18

The video conferencing system equipped with a 65" VC Meeting Panel (for display and camera) and a VC Meeting Controller, integrate with the Zoom Room service. Users can start or join any meeting right away from the controller. Or users can schedule a Zoom meeting beforehand. Then they can start and join the online meeting.

Photo of VC Meeting Panel Photo of the VC Meeting Controller
65" VC Meeting Panel VC Meeting Controller
  • Built-in camera: 3x digital zoom and ultra-wide angle and Image capture for local participants with voice tracking and face detection.
  • Touchscreen: Capacitive touchscreen with multi-touch supported.
  • Pen: Used for whiteboard writing and drawing.
  • Speakers: Audio output with a maximum distance of 6 meters.
  • Mute/unmute room microphone
  • Change Video display layout (Speaker View/Gallery View)
  • View and manage meeting participants
  • Share content
  • View meeting chat message.
  • Invite others into the meeting
  • Leave the meeting or end meeting if host
  • A quick reference guide for using the Zoom Room system .

    For communications purpose, the room is installed with a telephone, with telephone number 2948 6618 (C-LP-18).

    Service Support

    To use the video conferencing service, user is required to book the room through iBooking. User is recommended to conduct a trial run few days before the actual conference. For more information/assistance about the Video Conferencing service, please contact Classroom Service of OCIO at x.6529.