New Computer Accounts Notification

With effect from 6 Jan 2022, Google accounts, one to access the G Suite for Education ( and the other on the student account domain ( ), are no longer created to new staff members automatically. Current users of these Google accounts are reminded of the new disk quota that took effect in 2022 below.

Users   Account  Impact
Staff and Disk quota of 20GB imposed on 20 Jun 2022
- Shared drive removed on 1 Jun 2023
Staff and former Disk quota of 10GB imposed on 15 Jul 2022
- Shared drive removed on 1 Nov 2022
Guest, Functional accounts (staff and students) Disk quota of 20GB will be imposed on 3 Jan 2023
- Shared drive  removed on 1 Jun 2023


*Colleagues with learning and teaching needs can apply for an account on the student account domain by completing F043 Application for the Google account for Staff and the application will be handled individually.

Staff Accounts 

Staff computer accounts have the following name conventions:

Network Accountnametmchan
Email Accountnametmchan
UNIX Accountnametmchan
Internet Email

Network and email accounts for staff will be created automatically. Information regarding the account usernames and initial passwords will be sent to users through internal mail. Note that all staff use ONE username and ONE password for all network services, including network and email services.

For UNIX account, one can apply through here, which is available at Staff > Office Automation > Computer Accounts.


Disk Quota 

Different network services allow users to save files or emails on our servers. Information saved on the servers can be accessed through network-connected PC. To ensure a fair use of our resources, there are storage quotas for different network services as shown in the following table.

UsersNetwork N: DriveEmail MailboxMaximum Email Message SizeUNIX File Storage
Staff50MB50GB20MB *10MB

Disk space on the network are precious computer resources. Users must check and remove any obsolete files or emails regularly. If there are legitimate reasons for increasing the disk quota, please complete the Additional Disk Quota Application Form.

* Though the maximum outgoing email message size for staff members is 20MB, whether the recipient can get it will depend on the receiving email server. Please note that many free email services, such as Yahoo! Mail and Gmail, allow users only to receive emails up to 10MB in size.



Users are responsible for their computer accounts and should keep their login and password safe. You

  • SHOULD keep your login name AND password CONFIDENTIAL;
  • SHOULD change your password on a regular basis;
  • SHOULD log out from your EdUHK account when you have finished using it, especially at public/shared computers;
  • SHOULD NOT leave your computer unattended;
  • SHOULD NOT record your login name and/or password in any format. If you must record them, keep them separate and safe in a place where only you yourself can access; and
  • SHOULD NOT use personal information, in particular your HKID card number, initials of your name or your school name as your password as it could be easily deciphered.


Expiry of Accounts

Warning: All computer accounts will normally be terminated when you cease to be a member of the University. All data files, including email messages (except students' email messages), will be deleted. It is the users' responsibilities to backup their own data prior to the termination of their accounts.