Using the Duo Mobile app on your mobile device as a security token is the most convenient way to complete authentication. When you do not have your registered mobile device with you, you can generate a Duo bypass code on the Duo Security Self-Service Portal.

  1. Visit the Duo Security Self-Service Portal at
  2. Log in with your EdUHK username, password and date of birth in the form of mm-dd. Then, click “Submit”.
    Duo Portal
  3. Click "Create Bypass Code".
    Apply Duo Bypass code

  4. A bypass code is generated on the screen. Please note that the code is valid for 60 minutes only. You will also receive an email with the code.
    Duo Bypass code generated
  5. You can now use the bypass code to log in the system/service covered by Duo. Enter your EdUHK username and password on the Single-Sign-On (SSO) page as usual.
  6. Choose “Enter a Passcode” on the Duo login authentication page.
     Choose passcode authentication

  7. Enter the bypass code and click "Log In".
    Enter one-time passcode from app