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About Webcast Services

  • Webcast is a technology to "stream" or "broadcast" video with/without sound track over the Internet in real-time. It is ideal for big events and conference so that users could view the events over the Internet.
  • Usually, participants can watch the webcast through their web browsers.

Webcast Services (for Staff Only)

  • Live webcast requires a lot of preparation and rehearsal work. It is mainly for major conferences and events. Departments or office who is organizing the events might need to get involved in the preparation work.
  • The University has equipped with encoder, streaming server and HD camcorder to capture, encode and stream the live video and audio.
  • Staff could request the service through the standard "Classroom Service Request Form (F017)" which can be obtained at  ocio/forms/. For enquiry, please call Classroom Support Hotline at x6529.
  • Please click here for an example of recorded event.

Tips and Limitations

  • The smoothness of the video stream depends on the traffic condition in the Internet. The Internet is shared by many parties and it is difficult to predict the traffic condition and we might need to be more conservative in setting the bandwidth of the stream.
  • There might be a small time delay (a few seconds) between the live event and the streamed live video.
  • The higher the quality of the video, the higher the bandwidth required. The more the number of viewers of the webcast, the higher the bandwidth. The University has limited Internet bandwidth and we need to trade off the number of viewers and the quality of the videos.