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Student Halls
Prevention of COVID-19 in Student Halls

Precautionary Measure Against COVID-19 in Student Halls, 2021-22


1. Off-campus compulsory quarantine/self-monitoring

  • Student halls / quarters are not to be used as quarantine/self-monitoring facilities for COVID-19. 
  • Students who are under compulsory quarantine and/or self-monitoring as required by the HKSAR Government will not be allowed to enter the student halls / quarters until they have completed the compulsory quarantine and/or self-monitoring requirements at home or other accommodation. In this connection, those students are reminded of reserving sufficient time for completing the compulsory quarantine and/or self-monitoring off campus.
  • Upon their check-in to hall, students concerned are required to submit a Health Declaration form and provide documentation proofs for the completion of compulsory quarantine and/or self-monitoring to respective Hall Management Office.
  • Application Guideline on Reimbursement of Allowance for Off-campus Compulsory Quarantine due to COVID-19 in 2021-22 (click here


2. COVID-19 vaccination/regular testing requirements

  • Semester 1, 2021-22
    • With an aim to enhance the precautionary measure against COVID-19 in student halls, as announced by the University on 28 May 2021, student-residents will be required to undergo a COVID-19 test every two weeks with effect from 13 August 2021, which will be partially subsidised by the University. 
    • Student-residents who have been fully vaccinated for more than 14 days before/after check-in will be exempted from the requirement.
    • On the check-in day, students are required to submit the hardcopy of the vaccination proof or a negative COVID-19 test result issued within 14 days to respective Hall Management Office for record keeping. 
    • For the details of the arrangements of the COVID-19 tests and the subsidies provided by the University, please refer to the Annexes in the email to students about hall application sent by the Hall Management Section of Student Affairs Office. FAQs on COVID-19 Testing Arrangement (6 Aug2021) (click here)


  • Semester 2, 2021-22
    • The “COVID-19 Vaccination/Regular Testing Requirements for Regular Campus Users” announced by the Senior Management to all staff and students dated 21 Sep, 12 Oct, and 16 Nov 2021 will be applied to all student-residents in Semester 2, 2021-22 with effect from 1 January 2022. 
    • Students with Semester 2 hall offers are required to submit the hardcopy of the documentation proofs for COVID-19 vaccination/testing for respective Hall Management Office’s verification on the check-in day.
    • Please read carefully the detailed arrangements in the FAQs for COVID-19 Vaccination/Testing Requirement for Student-residents in Semester 2, 2021-22 (updated on 17 Nov 2021). (click here). 


3. Videos on Prevention of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in Student Halls (Please click the image to view the video)

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