University Life Planning
University Life Planning Scheme

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As a freshman, you may be eager to explore the plentiful opportunities in your university life, or you may feel confused with your own developmental path… We are here to back you up!


The University Life Planning Scheme aims to help new students to plan ahead for their personal development path of non-formal learning experience.


In the scheme, our Student Development Tutors (SDTs) will provide students with guidance during the advising session. SDTs will guide stu

dents in designing their own personal development plan with reference to their Whole Person Development Inventory (WPDI)  results, personal goals, values and strengths. Students are also welcome to meet their SDTs again for plan review, career preparation and further advice.


We hope to guide students to become self-directed learners and decision-makers under a supportive atmosphere through developmental advising approach.


For further enquiries, please contact us at:

Email: ulife@eduhk.hk

Phone: (+852) 2948 7199

Instagram: we_are_sdt


Note: All undergraduates are required to attend the advising session at least once in Year 1.