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Community Services
Community Services

Community service in the Student Affairs Office (SAO) is a service-learning platform intended to groom students to be “Community Carers” for beneficiaries. SAO strives to develop students with an open mind and a caring heart to understand and contribute to the community and nurture their character traits of caring and citizenship for whole-person development while meeting societal needs. Through resource sharing, all parties gain shared benefits from civic engagement to social inclusion in achieving a better community.


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Students are encouraged to engage in community service activities via 3 types of participation:


    1. As Participants: Understand the community needs and service methods through briefing and debriefing sessions offered by service agencies or service leaders during the community service activities and mass signature projects.
    2. As Service Leaders: Lead a particular service team by arranging regular training lessons for student volunteers and organising voluntary services for specific service recipients in the community.
    3. As Projector Organisers for Student-Initiated Projects (SIP): Demonstrate their leadership capacity and project management skills through organising self-initiated community projects that contribute to the community through services.


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