About SAO
Vision and Guiding Values

The Student Affairs Office aims to create an open, supportive and stimulating environment which is conducive to active learning and all-round development of students. We will contribute and nurture knowledgeable, caring and responsible teachers who are committed to provide quality education which facilitates joyful learning and fulfils the potential of school children.


  • To facilitate students to gain total learning experiences by strengthening collaboration among members of academic faculty and student affairs educators, by diversifying their learning opportunities by expanding partnerships both locally, regionally and abroad in education and non-education related settings, and by integrating formal and non-formal educational experiences;
  • To strengthen systems that encourage, support and recognise students’ self-initiated and self-monitored efforts and achievement;
  • To develop a quality living-learning environment that promotes identity building, strengthens supporting systems with appropriate services, resources and facilities in order to meet individual differences and changing needs of students;
  • To provide an extensive range of well-balanced co-curricular activities in different localities, from on-campus, community, territory-wide, regional, to international scenes; to foster students’ whole person development, employability and capability for life-long learning; and
  • To nurture students’ leadership capacities through active involvement in the organisation of activities, self-governance and concern for University affairs.