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Locker Services

The Student Affairs Office is dedicated to provide quality locker services for the convenience of our students.  


EdUHK students who are studying Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education Programme or bachelor degree programmes (or above) may apply for the use of student lockers on a first-come first-served basis.  An online allocation system is in use and the computer programme will assign lockers automatically according to students’ preference on location.  You can use the assigned locker during your course of study at the University.


For more details, please refer to the Regulations on the Use of Student Locker and Application Procedures.



  • Successful applicants can use their assigned lockers till the end of your course/programme period
  • All lockers are not transferable
  • No stickers or pictures are allowed to be adhered to the locker surface.
  • Any lockers found not being utilized will be recalled and reassign to other students in need. An administration fee of HK$100 will be levied for reapplication of locker services
  • All students are required to clear the lockers at the end of their course/programme of study in the University. SAO reserves the right to force open any locker(s) and remove any items found inside after the deadline. An administrative cost of $100 would be charged.
  • Use of unoccupied or other’s locker is strictly forbidden. The SAO shall have the authority to open such lockers and dispose of all properties found therein at any time without notification. An administrative cost of $100 would be charged.



(a)  Check Student Locker Assignment Result

(b)  Request for Assistance to Open Student Locker

(c)  Report on Unauthorized Use of Student Locker


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