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New Student Orientation
New Student Orientation

We are here to support you in becoming active and all-rounded members of the EdUHK! To get started, let’s get some ideas of what support services and activities we offer.



We are excited to connect you with your peers and the University. A series of online orientation activities will be offered. Please visit Orientation Web for details.


Beyond the orientation period, there are many more for you to explore. To facilitate your personal development, activities are categorised in various domains according to your personal development needs:

  • Intellectual (e.g. Intellectual Capacity);
  • Spiritual (e.g. Art Appreciation, Moral Commitment, Spiritual Quest, etc.)
  • Social (e.g. Civic Responsibility, Community Care, Cultural Engagement, Family Relationship, Peer Relationship, etc.)
  • Psychological (g. Emotional Health, Self-Appreciation, etc.)
  • Physical (e.g. Health Maintenance, Physical Fitness, etc.)
  • Professional (e.g. Career Preparation, Leadership, etc.)


Please check out the Event Calendar from time to time for more updates!