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Wofoo Whole Person Development Centre

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The Wofoo Whole Person Development Centre is a part of the Student Affairs Office. Within the Centre, we offer ample leadership and service-learning opportunities.

About WPDC


Wofoo Whole Person Development Centre (WPDC) nurtures students to be an all-rounded individual with wisdom, positivity, devotion, and collaboration. Through the practice of resource sharing, WPDC creates meaningful impacts which cultivate a positive movement to society.


We provide an array of programmes on leadership development, community service and overseas exposures. Skill-based training, exploration of various experiential learning activities and communication projects as well as overseas service tours are offered to train up students’ capacities on their whole-person development. We foster students to be the lights for the beneficiaries.


Since our inception in 2015, we have been dedicated to tailor-making programmes in four main domains:


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