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Scholarships and Awards
Top Scholars Development Programme



About the Programme

Launched in 2022/23, the Top Scholars Development Programme aims to groom potential students to be future leaders of the community as well as to build a talent pipeline for representing the University. The Programme consists of two levels to provide generic trainings and practical learning activities to the participants.


Feedbacks from the participants in 2022/23


The Programme 2023/24



Full-time Undergraduate OR full-time HD(ECE) student in Year 1 to Year 3 in good academic standing. For details, please refer to the application guidelines.





Brief Description

Tentative Timeline

Level I

Kick-off Workshop

The workshop will serve as ice-breaker with experience sharing by previous participant of the Programme and team building activity.

Late September 2023
(Duration: 2 hours in evening)

Generic Training Sessions

Two training sessions with different topics will be provided to the participants. Participants will be equipped with presentation and communication skills.

2 sessions will be held in October 2023

(Duration: 2 hours per session in evening)

Guest Talks / Industry Visit

External guests will be invited to meet and share their experience with the participants to enhance their professional growth and provide the participants with the opportunities of networking with peers and social leaders. Indsutry visit may be arranged if deemed feasible.

2 sessions will be held in October or November 2023

(Duration: 2 hours per session in evening, or possibly a Sat morning if industry visit is scheduled)

Level II

Practical Learning Activities

Participants will choose one among six streams of learning activities, including:

i.  Mentorship;

ii.  STEM internship;

iii.  "Education-plus" Internship Programme (to be confirmed)

iv.  International Youth Conference / Summit;

v.  Innovation and Entrepreneurship Student Talent Development (INVESTED) Programme; and

vi.  Student-led Community Project.


The learning activities will be carried out starting from Semester 2 of Academic Year 2023/24.


Rewards to Participants

  • ELAT Hours;
  • Facilitation of participants’ application for prestigious scholarships and/or awards; and
  • Award of a Certificate of Completion upon conclusion of Level I activities.


Commitments by Participants

Upon admission to the Programme, participants are required to:

  1. Contribute back to the University by serving as the Ambassadors and representing the University at various events; and
  2. Submit e-portfolio to reflect on the learning process and outcomes.



Applicant should read through the Application Guidelines before submission. The duly completed application form together with all the required supporting documents should be submitted to https://eduhk.au1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8uYyy7tWObjqhmK on or before 3 Sept 2023 (Sun). Late or incomplete application will not be considered.

Application documents for the Programme 23/24

Application Guidelines

Click Here


Application Form

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Student Affairs Office

  • Miss Skye So (wmso@eduhk.hk / Tel. 2948 6445)
  • Miss Sally Ng (ssyng@eduhk.hk / Tel. 2948 6237)