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Career Development Service



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GradConnect: Your Bridge to Career Success 

Congratulations on completing your studies and entering the next phase of your career journey! We understand that transitioning from student life to the professional world can be both exciting and challenging. At EdUHK, we are committed to supporting you as you embark on this new chapter. Our graduates support programme provides a range of resources and services to help you navigate the job market, enhance your skills, and achieve your career goals. 


Career Services for Graduates

Career Development Service is here to assist you in your career development and provide the necessary tools for success. We offer a wide range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of all graduates including: Career Advising, Ed Job Plus – EdUHK Online Job Search & Information System, Professional Development Workshops, Career Events and Networking Opportunities, Alumni Sharing, etc. Please view the following details below.


For Fresh Graduates 


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Career Advising

  • Receive personalised career advice and guidance to help you make informed decisions about your career path. 
  • Resume/CV Review: Get expert feedback on your resume/CV to ensure it effectively highlights your skills and experiences. 
  • Interview Preparation: Enhance your interview skills through practice sessions and tips from industry experts. 


To make an appointment with our Career Advisor, please fill in this online form. Our career advisor will contact you within 3 working days.


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Ed Job Plus – EdUHK Online Job Search & Information System

Ed Job Plus is an online platform dedicated to providing EdUHK students and graduates with a one-stop job search experience. It provides students and graduates with career planning resources and practical advice to assist you in the job hunting journey.

Fresh graduates are encouraged to register for an alumni account (FREE OF CHARGE) and your alumni access will be extended to 1 year after graduation, i.e. up to 31 August 2024 for graduates of 2023).


Upon successful registration, you are welcome to access our extensive database of job listings, an all-in-one information pack, hyperlinks to teachers and Government recruitment tests "Basic Law and National Security Law Test (BLNST)", workshops and training materials (Ed Job Plus graduate login is required) to aid your job search and recruitment test preparation.


For All Graduates 


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Attend workshops and training sessions to enhance your skills and stay updated with industry trends. 

Please submit this online form to subscribe for the latest schedule of Career Trainings of Education and NGOs/ Government Career & BLNST Support/ Other Industries.


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  • Capitalize on Career Fairs, employer presentations, and recruitment events to explore job opportunities  
  • Connect with alumni and industry professionals through networking events and mentorship programmes. 
  • To join our recruitment events, plan new initiatives or request other recruitment services, please contact careerservice@eduhk.hk 


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Alumni Engagement

As an experienced graduate, you have valuable insights and experiences that can inspire and guide current students in their career journeys. We invite you to give back to the EdUHK community by getting involved in the following ways: 

  • Alumni Sharing: Share your success stories, lessons learned, and industry knowledge through talks and panel discussions. 
  • Career Seminars: Conduct seminars on specific career fields, providing students with valuable information and advice. 


For further alumni support, please contact Alumni Affiars and Development Office.


To register your interest in volunteering and supporting fellow graduates, please complete the Career Engagement Survey.

For more details, please visit the page here.


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Career Resources


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Graduate Employment Survey

The Graduate Employment Survey (GES) is conducted by the Student Affairs Office annually, with the purpose of gaining a better understanding of the graduates’ employment situation and more details on their job process.