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Career Development
Advanced Training Series for High-flyers 2021/22


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We are excited to introduce our Advanced Training Series for High-flyers Programme (AT). If you are highly motivated, enjoy new challenges and are interested in working in different areas of business operations, then this programme is perfect for you and will help accelerate your career ladder. Equip YOU to be a Potential Management Trainee or Graduate Trainee and plan one step ahead.


AT aims at offering a learning opportunity for students with growth mindset and great potential to become future leaders in multinational or renowned companies. We offer guidance and advice throughout AT to strengthen students’ professional and personal development, which includes career planning, interpersonal skills, business knowledge and mock stimulation. Second-to-last and final-year students from all disciplines are welcome to join.


Target Students

Second-to-last* and final-year students who are interested in pursuing advanced job-search skills or a Management Trainee position in renowned companies.

* Year 3 students are eligible to apply (for 4-Year Programme).
* Year 4 students are eligible to apply (for 5-Year Programme).


See our POSTER


How can AT 2021/22 help you in your job-search (in a more advanced way)?

In order to make training exceptionally effective, a series of workshops will be conducted:

  • with interative practice for a small number of participants.
  • by current and former professionals from corporates, i.e. ex-MT, HR practitioner, Marketing Professional, and former MT selection panel in large corporate.
  • some practice may be adopted in real corporate settings.
  • AT comprises 10 modules:


Training Sessions


S1 Overview of MT/GT Application Process & Aptitude Test

12 Nov

S2 CV and Application Review

Mid Nov

S3 Written Test & Review

S4 Identify YOURSELF and Find Preferred Career Paths

Late Nov

S5 MBTI & Communication and Leadership Style with Individual Coaching

Early Dec

S6 Business Acumen and Marketing Game "營銷4P企劃桌遊"

Early Dec

S7 Mock Assessment Center 1 – Individual Video Interview Workshop with Individual Coaching

Dec - Jan

S8 Group Exercise on Problem Solving

Mid Jan

S9 Mock Assessment Center 2 – Scenario/Situational Based Interview Workshop

Late Jan

S10 Sharing session from High-flyers

Feb and Mar


Watch our introductory video and past AT’s sharing here!

"After theoretical practice at EdUHK, AT programme enhanced my leadership skills and community spirit by bridging across the University and workplace. Getting ready for tomorrow!" - from 2020/21 student

"I gained a certain degree of enhancement during 2018, especially in interview skills. Every critical but generous comment and suggestion that provided by instructors and groupmate benefited myself in interview and job seeking." - from 2018/19 student

"AT was over my expectation! Its advanced training equipped me to be the right person to grasp the offer!" - from 2017/18 student

"I understand more about my strengths and weakness, and I know how to present the ‘best me’ in interviews. For those who are hesitating whether to join AT or not, I sincerely encourage you to join! You will receive more than you expect!" - from 2016/17 student


If you have...

  • A real passion and desire to further your operational skills and business exposures
  • High drive and focus on continuous improvement
  • Openness to change for job rotation opportunities
  • Fluency in spoken and written English is preferable


How to Apply?

Step 1: Fill in the online application form by 10 Nov

Step 2: Successful applicants will be invited to a casual interview

Step 3: Announcement of selection result: Late Oct - Nov*

*Remember to check your email frequently to receive updates, including acceptance of offer.