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Application arrangements

Application arrangements


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Can I choose my exchange institution? Or will I be assigned to one of the partner institutions?

You can select a maximum of five preferred exchange institutions on your application form. After careful assessment, successful applicants will receive an exchange offer in accordance with their performance and preferences. You are free to accept or reject the offer.

What are the exchange institutions I can choose?

Specific information and factsheets of the available exchange institutions can be found in GAO website. Please visit here for the Application Guidelines and Summary Table. Interested students are expected to read through the Summary Table and be aware of specific requirements set by individual exchange institutions.

What are IELTS and TOEFL? Am I required to take these tests? Is there a conversion procedure?

IELTS and TOEFL are widely recognized English language tests. As most exchange institutions have a minimum English language requirement, you will have a wider choice if you have valid and acceptable results in hand. Please refer to our partner exchange institutions’ individual factsheets for the details of the language requirement.

My preferred exchange institution requires an IELTS/TOEFL test result which I don't have at the moment. Can I apply first and take the test after the selection process?

When you submit your application, you should provide sufficient proof that you can meet the entry requirements of your preferred exchange institution(s). If you fail to submit valid information, your application may not be considered.

How can I submit SEP application?

Application must be submitted through the online system – Global Engagement Management System (GEMS). You can access GEMS via Portal and the student manual is available here. Please read through the manual and Application Guidelines carefully before submitting application.

How do you assess and select SEP applicants?

GAO will screen all applications. Eligible candidates will be assigned with an exchange institutions according to their preferences and performance. In addition, non-academic records and language proficiency will also be considered.