Course List & Registration

Course List & Registration

Course List

List of courses available to exchange students is available here. Courses will be updated on a regular basis.

Medium of Instruction

Most but not all classes at EdUHK are taught in English. Exchange students are strongly advised to pay attention to the medium of instruction of particular courses.

Study Load

Exchange students are required to take minimum 12 credits (4 courses) and maximum 15 credits (5 courses) during your exchange period at EdUHK. When you perform course registration, please take particular care to ensure that the whole registration process is completed. Students should make sure they have completed the entire course registration procedures, as they will not be accepted in any class activities and assessments of the unregistered courses, and hence no information about these courses will be displayed on the Transcript.


  • Each course is worth 3 credits (unless otherwise specified);
  • Each course is equivalent to 39 contact hours;
  • One credit normally equates to one hour of teaching per week, with over 13 teaching weeks in a semester.

Course Registration

Exchange students can register for courses online via EdUHK Portal (The Portal) prior to arrival. Changes in course selections can be made during the Add/ Drop period, which usually last for two weeks as the semester starts. Details will be provided to admitted exchange students in due course. Please also confirm your course selections with the International Office at your home institution.

EdUHK’s grading system

Course GradeInterpretationGrade Point Equivalent
B+/B/ B-Good3.33/3.00/2.67
C-/D #Below Satisfactory1.67/1.00

* A+ is only given for outstanding performance in the course
# Grade D is the minimum level required for course progression

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