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Campus Life

Campus Life
Campus Life
Campus Life

Student Card/ Campus User Card

The student card will be issued prior to students’ arrival and will be distributed on the Registration Day. The student card/ campus user card is widely used on campus, including access to Library, hostels, etc. Therefore, exchange students/ student-teachers should keep their cards properly. If you lose your student card/ campus user card, you need to get a replacement at the Information Center for a fee of HK $ 100.The validation period shown on the student card is also the period which students can log on to the intranet.

Healthcare Services

EdUHK Student Health Services provide primary medical services. The Health Centre is located in the Cho Kwai Chee Foundation Building (Room 09, 1/F, Block A). Exchange students can obtain medical services at the Health Centre at the same rate as other full-time students.

Convenience Store and Supermarket

There is a convenience store on campus, operated by 7-Eleven. It is located in the Central Facilities Building. Opening hours are 07:30 - 21:30 daily.

The nearest supermarket to campus is a Wellcome store in the basement of the Retail Block, Richwood Park, 33 Lo Fai Road, Taipo. This is a 10-minute walk up the hill to the left when you leave campus.

Tai Po Centre, reachable by taxi or bus 74K from campus, has another Wellcome and a ParknShop supermarket. The closest supermarket with a more extensive range of Western/American food products is City Super in New Town Plaza shopping mall, just next to Shatin Station. This is about 30 minutes from campus.

Campus Facilities

Campus Facilities

EdUHK’s Mong Man Wai Library is the leading education library in the region. In addition to general books and serials, the Library houses a Central Teaching Resources Collection, Reference Collection, Reserve Collection, Media Resources Collection and two Model Libraries. You also have access to the 7x24 Learning Centre, which provides study facilities, course textbooks, PC workstations with internet links, live TV connections, printers and photocopiers for students around the clock. Study rooms and discussion rooms are available for all students. Facilities are available upon booking, for more details please refer to the Library website.

Food and Beverage

The campus has a variety of conveniently located eateries, providing meals, snacks and coffee. You will find a wide range of food available at the Student Canteen, including Chinese food and cuisines from Southeast Asian, Japanese and Western. A traditional Chinese restaurant and a Western restaurant are also available. On the ground floor of Block B, a Food Kiosk offers various snacks, vegetarian and halal meals. A Lassana Coffee shop is located on the lower floor of Block C, where students can enjoy coffee, spaghetti, sandwiches, and desserts. In addition, the U Deli is located next to the library and serves Western food. Students who wish to prepare their own meals may do so in the shared pantry/kitchen of the dormitory.

Postal Services

The mailboxes for delivery can be found at C-G/F-04 (behind the library). Postage stamps are sold at 7-Eleven for a range of prices. Parcels must be weighed and posted in the Post Office. Fu Shin Post Office is a post office located near campus. Address: 1/F, Shop No. F106, Fu Shin Shopping Centre, Fu Shin Estate, Tai Po.


EdUHK uses Moodle as its Learning Management System to support blended and distance learning.

Various activities on- & off-campus

In order to assist exchange students to adapt to Hong Kong's learning environment as soon as possible, the Global Affairs Office, together with the Student Affairs Office, will hold different types of activities within and outside campus. We hope that all exchange students will participate actively.


  • Public Transport
    • KMB No. 74K Bus – Circular (between MTR Tai Po Market Station and Sam Mun Tsai visiting The Education University of Hong Kong)
    • Green Minibus No. 26 Service (between Tai Po Campus and Bayshore Towers, Ma On Shan)
  • Shuttle bus service between Tai Po Campus and the MTR University Station for staff and students
    • Pay attention to the schedule; average waiting time is about 10 – 15 minutes.
    • Pay bus fare by Octopus Card before boarding or after alighting at Block A Entrance Plaza. Fare is HK$5.5 per trip for students (may be adjusted in new academic year; watch out for the announcement in due course).
    • Verification is required when boarding. Tap your campus user card /student card on the access control card reader installed on U-shuttle bus. You will not be allowed to take the bus if you fail to provide your card.
    • There are no shuttle bus services during Sunday and Public Holidays.

IT Help Desk

Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) sets up IT Help Desk where students can use the computers to do their homework and print necessary documents. Besides, you can visit the IT Help Desk Office during the opening hours and seek help from duty staff when you forget your password or are not able to login to the University's website.

Sports facilities

The University’s Amenities & Sports Complex is located at Block E, which includes multi-purpose sports room, table tennis room, gym room, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, basketball court, soccer pitch and tennis court. Our students can enjoy the facilities without any charges. However, to use the gym facilities, students must first complete Physical Fitness Room User Training Course.

Students can use the ibooking system to reserve some of the sport facilities. For more information, please visit Estates Office’s website.


The Arthur Samy Language Learning Centre (ASLLC) is a self-access centre where students can develop independent language learning skills and study languages on their own or in small groups. The Centre provides a wide-range of self-access language learning (SALL) software, workshops and consultations to help students develop language proficiency and autonomy in learning in Chinese, English and Putonghua.

Appointments can be made online.

Public health and security

Under Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance in Hong Kong law, smoking is prohibited in many public areas such as restaurants, shops, schools, hospitals, public transport, cinemas, karaokes, beaches, public swimming pools and parks etc.

No person shall smoke or carry a lighted cigarette, cigar or pipe in a designated non-smoking area. A person who commits an offence will be issued with a HK$1,500 fixed penalty notice by enforcement officers.

Meanwhile, there is a fixed penalty of HK$1,500 for littering, spitting, or unauthorized display of bills and posters in public places in Hong Kong. So please always maintain hygiene.

University Security Control Centre is located at Room 04, G/F, Block A. There are guards posted and patrolling 24-hour on campus. Guards are posted in student hostels as well. Non-hostel residents cannot enter the dormitory unless permission is received.

Useful Contacts

The Education University of Hong Kong

Department / Office



Global Affairs Office (GAO)

Handles all matters related to exchange and summer programmes abroad.

 Tel: (852) 2948 7654

Office of the Chief
 Information Officer (OCIO)

Delivers computing and technical support services. Individual email and login accounts are provided on joining EdUHK. A 24-hour computer room is available.

 Help desk hotline
 Tel: (852) 2948 6601

Student Affairs Office (SAO)

Offers a wide range of student services, including personal development activities, counselling, career services, and support for non-local students.

 Tel: (852) 2948 6720/ (852) 2948 6721

24-hour Security Centre

Provides immediate assistance on security issues/ emergencies.

A- G/F-02
 Tel: (852) 2948 8000/ (852) 2948 8002

SAO Hall Management Section

Hall Application and Check-in Arrangement.

 Tel: 2948 6868

Student Hostels

Offers residential experiences for residents, which are recognised as an important part of campus life.

Student Halls and Quarters: 
 Virtual Tours of Halls and Rooms: 
 Northcote Hall
 Tel: (852) 29481649

Grantham Hall
 Tel: (852) 29481568
 Robert Black Hall
 Tel: (852) 2948 0221
 Jockey Club Student Quarters
 Tel: (852) 2948 6930

Health Centre

Medical Appointment and enquiry

 Tel: (852) 2948 6262
 (click into “Campus Life” then “Health Care Services”)

Arthur Samy Language Learning Centre (ASLLC)

Provides language support and services

 Tel: (852) 2948 7402/ (852) 2948 /7403

Library (LIB)

Offers all kinds of library services to eligible users

 Tel: (852) 2948 6653/ (852) 2948 6658

Amenities and Sports Complex

Provides sports facilities for all students, staff and authorised users

 Tel: (852) 2948 8844

Posting Box

The daily collection schedule:
 Mon to Fri: 1:45 pm
              Sat: 3:45 pm

 Tel: (852) 2948 6277

Outside Campus

Hong Kong Emergency number

For emergency matters

Tel: 999

Report Rooms
 Tai Po Division

Police station near Tai Po campus

4 On Po Lane, Tai Po, New Territories
 Tel: (852) 3661 1674

Hong Kong Immigration Department

Visa Application; Hong Kong Smart Identity Card Application

Immigration Department
 Immigration Tower,
 7 Gloucester Road,
 Wan Chai, Hong Kong
 Tel: (852) 2824 6111

China Travel Service (H.K.)

Application for China Visa

Tel: (852) 2315 7171

Hong Kong Post

Check postal rates and services

Tel: (852) 2921 2222

Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital

Provides 24-Hour Accident & Emergency (A&E) service; Near Tai Po campus

Address: 11 Chuen On Road, Tai Po
 Tel: (852) 2689 2000

Hong Kong Tourism Board

Provides tourism tips and news about Hong Kong


Hong Kong Observatory

Monitors and forecasts weather. Issues warnings on weather-related hazards


Directory Inquiries

Helps users look up telephone number

Tel: 1081 (English)

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