Visa Application

Visa Application

Visa Application

A student visa is a must for non-local students (unless you have right of abode in Hong Kong) who wish to study in Hong Kong and you will need to apply for it before you arrive. A person who enters Hong Kong as a visitor cannot become a student at a school, university or any other educational institutions.

The visa application process normally takes around six to eight weeks at the Immigration Department after all required documents are received. To avoid delays in enrolment, please submit the visa application at your earliest convenience.

The information below applies to overseas students. For students from China, Macau and Taiwan, please refer to the Chinese version of this page.

How to apply

  1. Complete Part A of the Visa Application Form (ID995A) affixed with a passport-sized photo. Please read through A Guidebook for Entry for Study in Hong Kong prepared by the Hong Kong Immigration Department. You may refer to our sample.
  2. A copy of your passport info page containing your personal details, dates of issue and expiry.
  3. A copy of your financial proof in English. It can be a letter issued by your bank or bank statement, payroll slips, documents for your loan and welfare, income proof of your sponsor, scholarship, etc.
  4. Please read through the Personal Information Collection Statement and Privacy Policy Statement. Please submit the ORIGINAL statement with your signature.

Necessary documents should be sent to Global Affairs Office (GAO) by courier before a specific deadline. GAO will then submit the application to the Hong Kong Immigration Department for approval. It normally takes around six to eight weeks to process a visa application. Once granted, a e-Visa will be sent to you via email.

Visa fee

Please note that once the visa application is being processed by GAO, the visa processing fee, which is HK$ 530, cannot be refunded. Further details will be provided in Email Notifications.

E-Visa and Student Visa Activation

The Immigration Department has implemented the “e-Visa” arrangement. Upon receiving the e-Visa, you have to bring it with you when you travel to Hong Kong. Upon arrival in Hong Kong, you need to show the e-Visa to an Immigration Officer to activate your student visa. You will then receive a landing slip showing “Student-Permitted to remain until DD-MM-YYYY”. It bears your name, travel document number, arrival date, conditions and limit of stay in Hong Kong.

Without the landing slip, your student visa is not activated and you will NOT be able to register with The Education University of Hong Kong.


  • For students from Taiwan, the single-entry permit is granted when the visa application was approved. Taiwan students may apply for a "Multiple Entry Permit" (MEP) and transfer the endorsement onto the MEP to facilitate future travel to and from Hong Kong after entering Hong Kong on the first time. The following documents are required: Passport, National Identification Card of Taiwan, student visa, recent passport size photo, ID931 (Application for a Multiple Entry Permit for the HKSAR) and ID405 (Application for an Endorsement to a Travel Document). You may download the application form from the Hong Kong Immigration Department website.
  • The information in this web page serves as reference only. Please visit the web page of The Immigration Department of the HKSAR regularly for the latest information.
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