Budget & Scholarships

Budget & Scholarships


Feeper academic year
Tuition (Government-funded Programme)HK$145,000 (approximately US$18,700)
On-campus Accommodation1 (excluding meals, air-conditioning and laundry charges)HK$14,000 (approximately US$1,800)
Living Expenses2HK$50,000 (approximately US$6,500)
TotalHK$209,000 (approximately US$27,000)

Subject to annual review. Please refer to our University’s website for latest information.

The amount varies depending on individual life style. All figures are for reference only.


The University offers entrance scholarships to attract aspiring, committed, high-quality students with outstanding academic and non-academic achievements to join our undergraduate programmes and to encourage and support outstanding new entrants to develop their academic and non-academic talents to their full potential. These scholarships are primarily based on academic ability, personal qualities, interview performance and non-academic achievements.

Applicants will be considered for their eligibility of entrance scholarship during the selection process and no separate application is required.

EdUHK Entrance Scholarship for Non-local Students (renewable)
Full ScholarshipHK$195,000Covers full tuition fee, on-campus accommodation fee and a living allowance
Tuition ScholarshipHK$145,000Covers full tuition fee
Half Tuition ScholarshipHK$72,500Covers half of the tuition fee

*The above information is provisional and subject to changes. For up-to-date information, please visit our Registry's website.

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