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Exchange Programmes Details (Inbound)

Exchange Programmes Details (Inbound)


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Who are eligible to apply for the exchange programmes at EdUHK?

Any students nominated by EdUHK partner institutions.

How long is the exchange programmes?

One semester or one academic year.

What courses/programmes at EdUHK are open to inbound exchange students?

The list of courses is available here. Please pay attention to the language of instruction. Some courses are taught in Chinese only.

This list is updated regularly. Students are advised to keep visiting the web page to check the latest courses available. Email reminders on the latest course list are sent to exchange students periodically.

Can the credits I earn at EdUHK be transferred to my home institution?

In general, credits gained at EdUHK are transferable, though recognition of studies undertaken at EdUHK remains at the discretion of your home institution. An official academic transcript will be sent to your home institution after completion of exchange.

Is on-campus accommodation provided?

Yes, on-campus accommodation is guaranteed for all inbound exchange students.

What do I need to pay for my exchange at EdUHK?

Airfare, campus accommodation, visa, and living expenses. Tuition fees continue to be paid to your home institution.

Is there an insurance requirement?

Yes, it is mandatory for exchange students to arrange travel and health insurance covering the entire period of study in Hong Kong. Insurance should cover (but not be limited to) travel, personal accident, medical expenses (accident and non-accident), hospitalisation and emergency evacuation/repatriation. There is no requirement on the amount of insurance coverage. This will depend on individual needs.

Students are required to provide proof of insurance coverage prior to arrival.

Are there admission requirements?

Yes. For details, please refer to our website.

I’m a postgraduate student, can I apply for the programmes?

Postgraduate students are accepted as long as their host institutions approve and nominate them. However, courses available to exchange students are at undergraduate level only