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Pre-departure Checklist

Pre-departure Checklist

Pre-departure Preparation

You are expected to attend pre-departure briefings organized by GAO to get yourself prepared for the exchange.

  • Briefing 1: Planning: arranging your studies, accommodation, visa application, and other essential matters.
  • Briefing 2: Mindset: handling culture shock, travel insurance, and creating an e-portfolio on your exchange.
  • Briefing 3: Practical arrangements: journey and financial matters, what to do on arrival, cultural immersion, health and safety.

Schedule of pre-departure briefings will be announced in due course.

Pre-departure Checklist
  • Receive admission letter and/or related documents
  • Check your passport and visa requirements
    • Your passport should be valid for at least six months after completion of your exchange study
  • Apply for a student visa (according to the immigration rules set by the host country)
  • Confirm your accommodation at the exchange destination
    • Confirm accommodation with the host
    • Double-check the check-in date for your accommodation
  • Purchase air ticket/ Make necessary logistic arrangements
  • Submit a study plan to your major Faculty/ Department as appropriate
  • Plan your studies at your host institution for Block Credit Transfer (BCT)
    • Identify suitable courses at the host institution
    • Read the EdUHK Registry guidelines on credit transfer before you go
    • Discuss your study path with Programme Office
  • Purchase insurance covering your entire time overseas
    • You can purchase top-up insurance from EdUHK’s appointed agent or other insurance agent on your own
  • Take care of housekeeping matters at EdUHK before your departure
    • Paid EdUHK’s tuition fees and settle all bills such as library fine (if any)
  • Check out the transportation arrangement to your host institution.
    • Double check the departure and return date of your flight ticket
    • Research how to get to your host institution
  • Estimate your budget and prepare for financial matters
    • Estimate your living costs and plan your budget carefully.
    • Research ways to pay your expense overseas (e.g. ATM withdrawal, credit cards and cash)
  • Pack your suitcase
  • Submit the following documents to GAO
    • Acceptance Letter from the host (Copy)
    • Passport Copy
    • Student Visa/ Resident Permit, if any (Copy)
    • BCT Application Form (Original)
    • Extra Insurance Policy (Copy)
    • Flight Itinerary (Copy)
    • Pre-departure Survey (on-line form)
    • Quotation of Air Tickets (Copy) and Air Ticket Comparison Table (GLEF applicants only)
Pre-departure Preparation
Pre-departure Preparation