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Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer

Block Credit Transfer (BCT) for outbound exchange students

Exchange students may apply for block credit transfer for the courses completed during exchange. According to the policy of special arrangements for Block Credit Transfer (BCT) for outbound exchange students approved by Academic Regulations Committee of the Education University of Hong Kong. BCT of up to 15/18 credits* in specified domains will be granted to students upon successful completion of the courses and those credits will be counted towards the graduation requirements

Transferred credit points under BCT will be shown on student’s transcript without any grades and so those credits will not be counted towards the calculation of programme GPA. Details of the BCT Policies for Outbound Exchange Students are available on the Registry website.

*15 credits at most for students admitted in 2018/19 or before; 18 credits at most for students admitted in 2019/20 and thereafter

Application for Block Credit Transfer

Exchange students have to complete the courses concerned at the host institution with passing grade and submit the completed BCT form together with the official transcript and related course information to GAO within ONE month upon completion of exchange. GAO will forward your application to respective Unit and/or Department for consideration and approval. Please read the guidelines carefully and enroll in courses of the domains specified.