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Short-term Programmes

Short-term Programmes


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What are GAO's Short-term Programmes?

To encourage students to enrich their non-local learning experience, the Global Affairs Office offers a series of Short-term Programmes during semester breaks (i.e. Christmas, Easter and Summer breaks) for students’ participation. The themes of the Short-term Programmes vary and the durations are ranged from 1 to 4 weeks. Students may choose any of these programmes according to their interests/ needs.

Who is eligible?

All full-time EdUHK students (including all levels and funding modes) are welcomed. For programmes conducted in the Mainland, due to the requirement of partner universities, unless otherwise stated, all participants are expected to have basic proficiency in Chinese language and can converse in Putonghua.

How much is the programme cost? Are there any subsidy provided to the participant?

Most of the Short-term Programmes in the Mainland are sponsored by the Ministry of Education, China. Unless, otherwise indicated, students usually will only need to pay for the round-trip transportation fees, and as appropriate. Participants of the Short-term Programmes (Mainland) may apply for the University’s Global Learning Enhancement Fund (applicable to undergraduate students for other destinations). Students are required to provide official receipts and proof for the refund application upon returning to HK.

When will the Short-term Programmes open for application?

Usually, Short-term programmes will be opened for application around 1-2 months before the programmes start. Please stay tuned with us for the latest updates.

Can I switch to another host institution after the offer is confirmed?

No changes can be made after accepting the offer.

What is the consequence of withdrawing the programme/ incompletion of programme after the offer is confirmed?

Students who withdraw from the programme/ fail to complete the programme without valid justifications, all subsidies will be cancelled and they shall take full responsibility of all unrecoverable programme costs incurred, such as fees on accommodation, transportation, other administration fees, etc. Their future application on similar programmes will be given a lower priority, or will not be processed.