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Non-local Undergraduate students (International Students)

Non-local Undergraduate students (International Students)


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Is EdUHK a public university?

EdUHK is a publicly-funded tertiary institution in Hong Kong dedicated to the advancement of teaching and learning, through a diverse offering of academic and research programmes in teacher education and complementary social sciences and humanities disciplines.

Are the qualifications awarded by EdUHK internationally recognised?

Yes, all qualifications awarded by EdUHK are internationally recognised.

What are the academic faculties offering undergraduate programmes in EdUHK?

There are three faculties in EdUHK offering undergraduate programmes: Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social SciencesFaculty of Education and Human Development and Faculty of Humanities

What are the differences between government-funded and self-financed undergraduate programmes?

Government-funded undergraduate programmes represent academic programmes which are subsidized by the public funds. Self-financed undergraduate programmes represent those which are offered on a cost-recovery basis. That said, these programmes will not receive any government subsidy. Therefore, the fees on tuition, course-related activities, accommodation (if any), etc. would be different from that for government-funded programmes.

What are the differences between teacher education and non-teacher education programmes?

Undergraduate programmes offered by EdUHK can be classified as teacher education programmes (Bachelor of Education (BEd) progammes) or non-teacher education programmes.

Bachelor of Education programmes are 5-years full-time programmes which aimed at training pre-service teachers who will be well equipped with in-depth major-related knowledge and professional teacher training. Graduates are eligible to become fully qualified and registered teachers in local kindergartens, primary or secondary schools in Hong Kong.

Non-teacher education programmes are 4-years full-time undergradate programmes. EdUHK offers various Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Social Sciences programmes. Graduates who wish to join the teaching profession may choose to undertake the one-year full-time or two-year part-time Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) programmes in order to acquire the qualification for registering as qualified teachers.

Do I need to attend admission interview(s) / test(s)?

Shortlisted applicants may be required to attend an admission interview(s)/test(s) and they will be notified of the arrangement for interview and/or test by email. Most interviews are conducted on the phone or through electronic means such as Skype.

Does EdUHK provide accommodation to international students?

First-year on-campus accommodation will be provided for non-local students. Non-local undergraduate students enrolled government-funded programmes can choose either on-campus or off-campus accommodation in their subsequent years of study. Non-local undergraduate students of self-financed programmes in principle will have to arrange for their own accommodation in their subsequent years of study, the University will actively support these students to meet their accommodation needs. For more information, please visit SAO website.

Can I take up part-time employment in Hong Kong?

Non-local students (excluding exchange students) of EdUHK full-time locally-accredited local programmes at undergraduate level or above whose study period is not less than one academic year may, during the currency of their limit of stay, take up:

(1) part-time on-campus employment for not more than 17 hours per week throughout the year; and
(2) eligible students may only take up summer employment during the summer months which are taken to mean the period from 1 June to 31 August, both dates inclusive. Eligible students are not allowed to take up summer employment outside this period, regardless of the actual period of summer vacation for his/her academic programme. There is, however, no limit in relation to working hours and locations.

For detailed information, please refer to the website of the Immigration Department of The Government of the HKSAR for the Immigration Policy on Study.

Are activities arranged for non-local students?

Yes. Student Affairs Office (SAO) and Global Affairs Office (GAO) organise a series of orientation programmes at the start of each semester, and other cultural activities throughout the year. Non-local students are strongly recommended to join these events.

How much are the tuition fees?

Please click here for undergraduate programmes.

How should I apply for an entrance scholarship?

Applicants admitted to a full-time undergraduate programme will automatically be considered for entrance scholarships. There is no need for you to submit a separate application for the scholarship.

Is financial aid available for non-local students?

Financial Aid is not available to international students. However, we do offer entrance scholarships for outstanding international students.

Is there a clinic on campus?

Yes. Medical services is available at the Health Centre on campus.

Can I stay in Hong Kong for work after graduation?

Yes. To encourage students to work in Hong Kong upon their graduation, the Immigration Arrangement for Non-local Graduates (IANG) allows non-local fresh graduates to stay in Hong Kong after graduation without any restrictions to seek jobs. To learn more about the policy, please click here.

How is the prospect of EdUHK graduates?

Graduates of The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) remain consistently competitive, as revealed by the University’s latest Graduate Employment Survey. For details, please refer to the University’s latest Graduate Employment Survey

What documents are needed for opening a bank account?

Document required for opening a bank account depends on the banks’ request. Normally, all of the following documents are needed:

• Passport with valid student visa,
• Hong Kong Identity Card (if any),
• Residential address proof (for both original country and Hong Kong),
• Student ID card,
• Cash HK$100.

If you are aged under 18,  one of your parents/guardian in person and his/her valid identity proof is required.

Am I required to make my own arrangement for personal insurance covering the entire period of study in the EdUHK?

The Education University of Hong Kong provides its students with the University’s group insurance. For details, please refer to the policy here. (Login with the EdUHK student ID and password is required.)

Students should make their own arrangements for personal accident, travel and health insurance covering the entire period of study in Hong Kong.