On-Campus Activities

Cultural Showcase 2022

21 Oct 2022

“Cultural Showcase 2022”, a fun-filled event featuring fascinating performances, games and activities, brought much joy to the EdUHK campus today! To kick off the annual university-wide event, two students joined the EdUHK Chinese Orchestra on stage and gave a mesmerising performance blending traditional Chinese dance with music. Students from mainland China, Germany, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, and Sweden, as well as our International Tutors and local students, gathered at the Central Plaza. They spoke to members of the EdUHK community on something special and unique about their own homes, such as performances, games, handicrafts and much more!

The participants had an unforgettable experience while enjoying a breezy and gorgeous Friday. EdUHK will continue to create platforms of cross-cultural exchange and appreciation to the campus, as we foster internationalisation and integration among students.

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