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Seminar Series: The Emergence of Modern Hong Kong in a Macro-historical Perspective

07 Jul 2021

A Seminar “The Emergence of Modern Hong Kong in a Macro-historical Perspective” conducted by Prof Lui Tai-lok was held on July 7 2021. In the seminar, Prof Lui introduced modern Hong Kong from a historical perspective. Participants learnt about how Hong Kong became a global city through the connectivity with Chinese communities in different parts of the world though different areas like finance, movie, charity and so on.

About the speaker:

Professor Lui Tai-lok is the former Vice President (Research and Development) of The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK). Apart from being the Chair Professor of Hong Kong Studies, he is also the Director of the Academy of Hong Kong Studies and the Centre for Greater China Studies. Prior to joining EdUHK, he was Professor of Sociology and Associate Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at The University of Hong Kong. His research interests cover class analysis, economic sociology, urban sociology, and Hong Kong studies.

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