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Brief description


EdUHK SAO WLN, a student organisation which was established in 2012, upholds the Wofoo Social Enterprise’s motto ‘Harmony brings a family prosperity. Cohesion makes a nation wealthy’ to train up student leaders to contribute to society. The core values are embeddedinto different service programmes initiated by the Student Committee.


Details of the 9th committee members:  




Lai Ngai Ching, Tweety

Internal Vice-President

Yeung Pok Yin

External Vice-President

Yeung Tsoi Yin, Kelly


Wu Hiu Wai, Vivi


Ting Tsz Ki

Social Service Officer

Chung Mei Ting, Regina

Promotion Officer

Chan Lok Tung



  • Story-telling sessions in public libraries
  • Service in the paediatric ward
  • Service for orphan/single-parent children
  • Sustain Team – An environmental project
  • Service in homes for the elderly
  • Visit in animal protection organisation
  • Oversea service tours


What you will gain

Being a WLN Member, you can…

  • gain opportunities to serve the needy in the society
  • get to know students from different institutions and the advisors of the chapter


Being a WLN Committee Member, you can…

  • plan and execute your service plan
  • build up a strong network with students from different tertiary institutions and the successful people in the society


Contact us


Facebook: EdUHK SAO WLN

Instagram: eduhksaowln