Special Education Academic andService Exchange Program

Sponsored by Tin Ka Pin Foundation, Centre for Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Education (CSENIE) organized a special education academic and service exchange program between March 29 and April 4. The program aimed to broaden the horizons of undergraduates who are interested in special education so as to enable them to understand the development of special education in Mainland by visiting different special education organizations. CSENIE also cooperated with scholars and students from Teachers College of Chengdu University (TCCU) to enable the students from both places to gain more knowledge on special education and a sense of responsibility by service learning.


The exchange program was organized by CSENIE Ms. FUNG Kwei Yi, accompanied by Professor SIN Kuen Fung, Dr. POON Chung Yee, Mr. LAU Chin Wai, Ms. Vickie Li (Sowers Action, vice chairperson of volunteer board of directors) and Mr. Choi Shiu Ming (Sowers Action, chairperson of volunteer executive committee), to lead 21 students from HKIEd to visit the Department of Special Education in TCCU, Chengdu Children's Welfare Institute, Chengdu Chenghua special school and Mingde Primary School. In addition, HKIEd students and eight TCCU students conducted team teaching and service learning activities with the assistance of Ms. MO Chunmei (TCCU, Senior Instructor) and Sowers Action’s arrangement. All participants spoke highly of this program at the debriefing meeting.

  • Academic Exchange among CSENIE Staff,HKIED students,Sowers Action Staff, TCCU Scholars and Students at TCCU


  • HKIEd students and TCCU students conducted team teaching at Mingde Primary School