C&I Newsletter

C&I Newsletter

C&I Newsletter

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction is excited to introduce the Curriculum and Instruction Newsletter, a valuable resource for practitioners and academics. Published two times a year, this newsletter promotes knowledge exchange within the local, regional, and international educational community.

To ensure wide reach and stronger community connections, the newsletter will be distributed via mail in hard copy and electronically through our media platforms. It will be available in English and Chinese, accommodating a diverse audience.

The C&I Newsletter bridges academic research and practical implementation, showcasing how local and international scholars' work informs curriculum design, instructional strategies, assessment techniques, and innovative educational approaches. By translating research into practical insights, we empower educators to enhance teaching and learning practices.

We aim to make research accessible and applicable, providing educators with valuable tools and resources. Together, we can positively impact teaching and learning outcomes, benefiting students and advancing the field.

Stay connected with the C&I Newsletter to foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation in curriculum and instructional practices.

Thank you for your support!



2023-24 Issue 1