Research Expertise

Research Expertise

Building on the expertise of our innovative researchers and our strong links with the education community, the Department actively and continuously engages in visible research, with our primary focuses on pedagogical innovation, assessment, teacher development, knowledge management and curriculum reform.

Staff Research Areas
Dr FOK Ping Kwan

Curriculum policy
Curriculum design and implementation
Implementation and design of Chinese History curriculum
Implementation and design of Liberal Studies curriculum
Professionalism of teachers
Nurturing of critical thinking skills and dispositions

Dr XU Hui Xuan

Academic Service-Learning
Adolescent personal development in service-learning
Quality service-learning programmes
General education in higher education
Curriculum design

Professor CHENG May Hung May

Teacher professional development and learning
The motivation of teaching among pre-service teachers
The relationship between professional competence and learning
Factors influencing professional learning among pre-service teachers

Practitioner research
Professional development and learning among in-service teachers

Science education
Facilitating inquiry learning among secondary students
Professional development and learning among teachers of science

Professor Kerry John KENNEDY

Curriculum policy
Curriculum theory
Citizenship education
Assessment and its cultural contexts

Professor LEE Chi Kin John

Curriculum and instruction
Educational development
Geographical and environmental education
School improvement
Teacher education

Professor LIM Cher Ping

Information and Communication Technologies  in Education
Games and Learning
Academically At-Risk Students
Education Innovation and its Sustainability and Scalability in Education Ecological Systems
Reflective Practices among Educators and Policymakers
Empowerment of Educators to Transform  Existing Practices and Change Conditions

Professor KO Po Yuk

Learning Study
Classroom research
Teacher professional development
Chinese Language education

Professor TSUI Kwok Tung

Curriculum leadership
Curriculum reform and innovation
Teacher leadership and teacher effectiveness
Teacher professional development

Dr CHENG Chi Keung Eric

Knowledge Management
Lesson Study
School Management
Community of Practices

Dr LAM Bick Har

Teaching innovation and change
Teacher professional development
Social support and student learning
Scholarship of teacher education academics
Epistemological beliefs

Dr. YAN Zi

Formative assessment
Rasch measurement
The application of the Theory of Planned Behaviour in educational contexts
Scale and test development

Dr GUBE Jan Christian C

Diversity in education
Cultural and ethnic identities
Race, ethnicity and learning
Dialogical self and sociocultural theories

Dr HANNA Helen

Migration and education

Diversity and inclusion

Citizenship education

Education in divided societies

Children's perspectives

Creative visual research methods

Dr LEE Wing Sze Wincy

Epistemic beliefs and change
Epistemic climate
Sub-degree students’ development
Learning environment

Dr WAN Zhihong

Epistemological views
High-order thinking
Teacher professional development


Achievement emotions
Learning and motivation
Positive youth development
Educational interventions


Teaching and assessment approaches to productive learning in higher education
Classroom dialogic feedback interactions oriented to higher-order thinking
Technology-enhanced feedback strategies
Intercultural learning through study abroad
Student development in international service-learning

Dr YU Wai Ming Flora

Narrative inquiry
Curriculum development
Chinese learners
Teacher education and development

Dr YUNG Wai Ho Kevin

Shadow education
Language assessment
Comparative education
Learner autonomy and motivation
English for academic and specific purposes
Transition between secondary and tertiary education

Dr HUI King Fai Sammy

Outcomes of learning in Professional, Vocational and Higher Education (PVHE) 
Educational assessment and evaluation
Teacher Leadership

Dr FONG Wai Tsz Ricci

Perfectionism among Chinese Students
Affective Development of Gifted and Talented Students
Positive Education

Ms LIU Hoi Yee Rowena

Curriculum design and implementation
Community of Practice in curricular development
Metacognitive learning and teaching
21st century skills and values development in school contexts
Ethics, spiritual and life value education
Field experience of student teachers

Dr NG Tsui San Teresa

Creativity Enhancement and Assessment
Creativity in Teacher Education
Teaching Strategies in Diversified Classroom

Dr ZHANG Yuefeng Ellen

Effective learning and teaching
Positive classroom management
Teacher professional development
Lesson Study and Learning Study
Leadership for learning in schools

Ms CHAN Ngok Cheng Terri

Teacher professional development
Teachers’ intercultural competence
Multicultural Education
The application of Montessori approach
Curriculum studies

Dr NG Cheuk Wing Margaret

School-Based Curriculum Development, Implementation and Evaluation
School-Based Assessment
Action Learning
Teachers’ Continuous Professional Development
Inquiry-Based Learning and Project-Based Learning

Dr YIP Yam Wing Stephen

Curriculum reform, policy and implementation
Whole person development (e.g. Other Learning Experiences, service learning)
Education leadership in schools
Values education in schools (e.g. moral and civic education)
Pedagogy, approaches to learning, learning habits

Dr YUN Pui Ho Patrick

Outcomes and Benefits of Learning
Disadvantaged Learners and Informal Education
e-Learning and Curriculum Design and Implementation
Professional and Vocational Education
Youth Leadership and Capacity Building

Dr ZHAN Ying

Teacher professional development
Possible self and identity

Dr LEUNG Ka Wai Marina

Teachers’ roles and problem-solving in inclusive classrooms
Strategic instruction for teaching diverse groups of learners
Comprehensive interventions for children and families with multiple risks
Lewin’s topology theory