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Message from the Head

Message from the Head

Welcome to the Department of Curriculum and Instruction

We are a department of approximately 30 who are a committed, caring, and innovative cadre. We strive for excellence and international recognition in the areas of teacher education and research, with a special focus on curriculum, teaching and assessment. We seek to make an impact locally, regionally and internationally in those areas. Our research and teaching revolve around four key domains:

Curriculum – facilitating an understanding of curriculum reforms and policies, curriculum design, implementation, and evaluation;

Teaching – exploring effective and innovative strategies for planning and implementing classroom activities;

Assessment –  unleashing the potential of assessment in enhancing the effectiveness of learning and teaching across diverse educational contexts;

Teacher professional development – aiding teachers in developing their professional knowledge and skills in curriculum, teaching and assessment in schools and other educational settings.

We are privileged to be a hub of education and research in local communities. We have strong networks with local primary and secondary schools through colleagues’ involvement in teaching practice and engagement in research projects. It is also through this work that we bring the most innovative approaches to teaching, learning and assessment to our communities. Our faculty serve on key educational bodies such as the CDI and the HKEAA, Jockey Club Charities Trust, NGOs, and school boards.

As a leader in the field, we provide diverse programmes to serve a wide range of community needs, catering to teachers and teaching/training professionals, and commit to nurturing professional exchange among a wide range of stakeholders through diversified networking and professional development activities. 

Throughout the academic year, we organize many outreach events, teacher training workshops, study tours, as well as internships, summer schools and exchange programmes.

Through these multi-faceted connections, programmes, and collaborations, our department bridges the spaces between education theory and practice at local, regional and international levels.

With so many opportunities provided by our department, I encourage you to explore our website to learn more about our programs and research areas.