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【MUSES】Piano Recital and Masterclass by Tony Yike Yang

Events | Oct 2023

Internationally acclaimed pianist, the youngest-ever laureate in the history of the International Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw, Tony Yike Yang, is coming to our Tai Po campus, the Education University of Hong Kong! He will open the MUSES event with his phenomenal performance. Two CCA students will join the masterclass afterwards.
Yang has won prizes at international competitions such as the Chopin (Warsaw), Van Cliburn, Gina Bachauer, Hilton Head, Cooper, and the Bosendorfer & Yamaha USASU International Piano Competitions. He has also been a recipient of the Sylva Gelber Music Foundation Award, the Robert Levin Prize in Musical Performance at Harvard University, and the Ingesund Piano Center Scholarship.

著名鋼琴家、蕭邦國際鋼琴比賽史上最年輕得主 楊藝可(Tony Yike Yang)將臨香港教育大學大埔校園!是次活動將由Tony精采的演奏打開序幕,兩位教大CCA的學生亦會於緊接著的大師班中獻技。萬勿錯過!
鋼琴家 楊藝可於多個國際鋼琴大賽中屢獲殊榮,包括:Chopin (Warsaw)、Van Cliburn、Gina Bachauer、Hilton Head、Cooper、以及Bosendorfer & Yamaha USASU大賽。他同時亦是多個獎學金及獎項得主,包括:Sylva Gelber Music Foundation Award、the Robert Levin Prize in Musical Performance at Harvard University、the Ingesund Piano Center Scholarship等。

Date/日期: 16/10/2023
Time/時間: 7:30pm-9:00pm
Venue/地點: C-LP-11,The Education University of Hong Kong, 香港教育大學大埔校園 C-LP-11演講廳