Scope of Training & Host Schools

Scope of Training & Host Schools

Scope of Training & Host Schools
Scope of Training & Host Schools
Scope of Training & Host Schools

Scope of Training

Student-teachers of ITTP will work alongside experienced local teachers in areas including but not limited to:

  • Class observation
  • Classroom teaching and management
  • Day-to-day management of school operations
  • Planning and organising extra-curricular activities
  • Curriculum planning
  • Curriculum and material design
  • Event management
  • Special projects/research, as specified by the applicants or their home institutions and subject to mutual agreement

Supervision and Assessment

Participants' home institutions should specify the supervision and assessment requirements, if any, to GAO during the nomination stage. All assessment form(s) should be provided by the home institution in advance.

Host Schools on Campus

EdUHK Early Childhood Learning Centre

This on-campus learning centre is a pre-school education centre for around 160 children aged 1 - 6. The Centre is a proponent of family-school-community collaboration and strives to bringing out the potential of each individual child in a fun and inspiring learning and teaching environment. Facilities in the Centre include a green outdoor learning environment anda creativity gallery that activate children’s imagination and foster their interactions. The Centre is an active contributor to pre-school teacher education in Hong Kong, with strong support from the Department of Early Childhood Education of EdUHK.

EdUHK Hong Kong Jockey Club Primary School

The School provides quality education for all-round development of students, witha child-centred curriculum that caters for individual differences and needs of each child. The School adopts small-class teaching, cooperative learning and co-teaching in some lessons to inspire students to learn and strive for excellence. Students are also encouraged to participate in extended learning activities to foster their interests in non-academic areas and strengthen their abilities. Being an affiliated school of EdUHK, its mission is to enhance teacher education development by enabling field experience and education research for local and overseas educators.



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