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【MUSES】Music and Mindfulness: Through the Shakuhachi

Events | Oct 2023

The talk introduces the overview, and practice of Suizen (吹禪), using shakuhachi (尺八)and contemplation on Three Marks of Existence for mindfulness practice. There will be Grounding, Nurturing and Cleansing exercises and demonstration of 6 Honkyoku(本曲),
1) Kyorei (Empty Bell 虛鈴) about  Emptiness, selflessness;
2) Honshirable (Original Piece 本調) Contemplating on Buddha nature.
3) Kogarashi (Rotten Wood 木枯) Contemplating on Suffering.
4) Sanya (Three Valleys) on taking Refuge to Three Jewels in Sufferings.
5) Shikanotone (Distance calling of Deer 鹿之遠音) on Sangha
 Ocean will lead a compassion meditation with the sixth Honkyoku Tamuke
(手向) to send loving compassion to all the caretakers in pandemics.


Date/日期: 17/10/2023
Time/時間: 4:00pm-6:00pm
Venue/地點: C-1/F-01F, Creative arts room, Tai po Campus, The Education University of Hong Kong