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Amazing Mentorship Journey with Mr. Vincent Tam

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Charlene Kwong- Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Human and Organizational Development, Year 3

Participant of the "Enlightening Professionals - The EdUHK Mentorship Scheme"


“You are from EdUHK, so what subject are you going to teach?” a common question asked by every relative, friend and colleague. As a non-education major student in EdUHK, I felt confused with my future career path. I found this mentorship programme and joined out of curiosity. It turned out to be a life-changing move. 


Mr. Vincent Tam, who was my mentor from New World Development Co. Ltd, was very passionate to share his experiences in his career fields, including corporate banking, operational risk management, organizational and talent development with me and other mentees. Other than the formal meeting, Vincent also spent time having lunch gathering with us, listening to our concern and providing valuable advice to us. 


A WhatsApp group was set up between mentees and Vincent after our first meet-up so that we can all keep in touch easily. Vincent also shared useful information with us from time to time.  With Vincent’s suggestions and my efforts spent on preparing for the interview, I took my very first step in the business sector as an intern in the New World Development Co. Ltd. It was absolutely an eye-opening journey and that also kick-started my career in the business sector. During the internship, I learnt and identified my weaknesses in working. I am very grateful to have this opportunity to sharpen my skills and apply what I learnt from my studies in the internship, the internship experience has given me a chance to grow and be a better person in the future.


Even though the scheme has completed, we still chat with each other. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Vincent’s unfailing, all-round support and guidance to me. I also genuinely appreciate myself for taking the action of joining the scheme, which allowed me to further explore myself and outlined my career path. I highly encourage my fellow peers who would like to get more understanding of different sectors, besides education, to join the scheme. Have fun and enjoy!  



The EdUHK Mentorship Scheme seeks to create an active and engaged community by bringing together current students and EdUHK alumni and professionals. The scheme connects students with experienced mentors in various fields who are able to broaden students’ horizons and discover their potential, paving the way for success at EdUHK and beyond. For more details, please visit here.