Visiting Students

Local and non-local applicants who do not wish to enroll in a programme of study in the University but plan to take selected course(s) within one or more programmes may apply for admission as Visiting Students. Normally Visiting Students will not be allowed to participate in Teaching Practice or immersion programmes, including student exchange programmes, study tours and other academic activities designed for regular students.


Application Form


To be eligible for admission as a Visiting Student, you should have the educational standard deemed adequate by the Department and/or Programme Committee concerned to enable you to benefit from the study.

Application Deadlines

Applications are accepted throughout the year. For local applicants, please ensure that your completed application form can reach the Admissions, Registrations and Academic Planning Section of the Registry at least 4 weeks before the commencement of a semester in which you intend to begin the study. Non-local applicants should submit the applications at least 10 weeks before the commencement of the semester concerned.

Application Procedures

You should complete a paper application form. Please click here. (If you apply for Visiting Research Student, please contact Graduate School.)

Application Fee

Local applicants and non-local applicants are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of HK$150 and HK$300 respectively. You can pay the application fee by direct deposit, ATM transfer or T/T remittance. Please DO NOT send in personal cheque or cash. Details of the payment methods can be downloaded here.

Submission of Application

Please submit the completed application form to us by email, fax (852-2948 6162) or mail to:

Admissions, Registrations and Academic Planning Section, The Registry
Room A-2/F-07, Cho Kwai Chee Foundation Building,
The Education University of Hong Kong
10 Lo Ping Road, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong

You are required to submit the following in support of your application:

  • An application fee receipt; and
  • A copy each of the documents of academic and non-academic qualifications (e.g. transcript, certificate of public examination results, evidence of enrolment in any post-secondary programme, award, etc.) stated in your application. If you are a current final year student of a degree or postgraduate programme, please submit a copy of your current year results when it is available. If you are our graduate in 1995 or after, you do not need to submit any copies of academic transcript(s) and certificate(s), but you will need to authorise us to extract and use your records of studies to process your application.


Please do not send any original certificates to the University in any circumstances as the University will not be responsible for any documents mislaid. However, original documents of the qualifications stated in the application must be presented for verification at the time of and/or before registration. Failure to do so shall lead to disqualification of your application and any offer made may be rescinded.

Programme and Course Information

Information about individual programmes is available at For information about course contents, please refer to the website of the relevant academic departments on

Tuition Fees and Caution Money

Tuition fees are normally calculated according to the number of credit points of the courses to be taken. For government funded programmes, different rates are set for local and non-local students. If the number of credit points approved for auditing in a semester is more than the minimum credit points prescribed for the programme, you will be charged the full fees as a regular student. For tuition fees of individual programmes, please visit individual programme websites at

Tuition fees should be paid in advance on a semester basis before the semester begins. Tuition fees once paid are non-refundable. You are also required to pay a caution money of HK$350 which will be refunded normally within one month of the last course end date or the date of formal withdrawal, after deducting any outstanding fees, if applicable.

Certification and Assessment

You must participate in classes and all prescribed assessment tasks such as assignments, examinations, etc. You will receive grades and credits upon successful completion of the courses concerned. A formal academic transcript containing the courses taken and grades/credits obtained (including fail grades) will be issued after the end of a semester/academic year as appropriate.

The first copy of academic transcript or certificate of attendance will be issued free of charge by the Registry. Additional copies will be charged at HK$50 per copy.

If you want to repeat any previously failed course(s), you will have to apply for re-admission and pay the application fees and tuition fees as specified above. If you choose not to take any assessment, you will be issued a certificate of attendance only.

Rules and Regulations

Visiting Students are subject to the same Code of Student Conduct and academic policies and regulations as applicable to the other regular students of the University.

Facilities and Student Services

Upon registration, you will be issued with a Student Identity Card valid for the entire period of study in the University which enables you to gain access to all the facilities available to regular students including library, sports facilities and IT facilities, etc. Visiting students may apply for on-campus student rental housing from the Student Affairs Office. Information on student services can be found from the Student Affairs Office website at

Visiting Students are not eligible for any scholarships or financial aids.

Points to Note for Non-Local Students

Starting from 2019/20 intake cohort, a new definition of Non-local Students (NLS) which is provided by the Education Bureau (EDB) of the HKSAR has been adopted. For details, please click here. When you submit an application, you are required to indicate clearly which document you are holding for study. Please visit the Non-local Applicants" page for further information.


If you are a non-local student and need to apply for a student visa or entry permit to study in Hong Kong, please read the details about visa applications available on the website of the Immigration Department of the HKSAR on For assistance in visa application, please contact our Global Affairs Office (Email: / Tel: (852) 2948 7654).


The University provides Group Personal Accident Insurance for Visiting Students, which covers personal accidents occurred in school organised activities leading to bodily injury, death and permanent disability of students. However, you are strongly recommended to obtain your own insurance cover including traveling and medical coverage for the whole period of your stay in Hong Kong.